Roulette formula, advanced, get rich with the magic wheel

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Roulette formula, advanced, get rich with the magic wheel. online roulette casino magic wheel game that many gamblers like Roulette refers to a type of gambling game. It is said to be a language from France. which means in itself that “Smaller wheels” convey the nature or gambling device called roulette ufabet itself.

Which is a machine that looks like a circular wooden key, convex in the middle, where the edge of the wheel will make a place for small balls to run, the wheel randomly falls on the number box that has been colored, two colors are red and black, usually In Europe, such as France, in Europe they use 37 channels, even in the United States, there are 38 channels with numbers listed.

Starting to play, the player must predict the ball. Which number is thrown on the roulette will fall into any number of slots? If you guess correctly, you will receive a prize money. Because it’s just a gamble that will have to use this unique device. As a result, in the past, there would only be a large standard gambling casino to have a roulette player.

But because of the advent of internet technology and smart phone system, it has created a roulette game application available at online casinos. In this article, therefore, I would like to take you to know the secrets of how to play roulette to be victorious, without having to use the roulette winning formula.

Advanced Roulette winning formula, guaranteed by all experts.

1. Online roulette, stabbing repeatedly , do not move away regularly 

How to win a game like this is not a random bet , but rather that the player should stick to the test pattern of the outcome or spin of the online roulette for a while in order to see it and know that at that moment In the game that I am playing , I like to come out at high or low points .     more often than each other , then after that , then stab 

For example, if you see that at different times , the high score comes out many times than the low point , then ask you to choose to bet at the high point for 5  to 10 consecutive  eyes , even if there are some errors in some eyes, but if you can You can guess the outcome of the outcome of the roulette  correctly .       Actually willing to be able to make money with high scores more than the important thing is to always want to change betting because there will be many mistakes as well  

2. Techniques for betting on online roulette numbers on both sides

looking at the board Or the wheel will make you know that there are numbers from 1 to 37 or 38, as the case may be. this online roulette You can increase your chances of winning by starting a bet on one side of the numbers 1-12, then bet on the other side, number 13-24. Roulette winning formula With a phone like this, it’s a cross bet for both parties.

Make it more likely to win money prizes. However, this method may be a little profitable. Place a bet of 200 money, but will only receive a payout of 100. However, if we can continue to achieve this success. Of course, the prize money received will increase more and more each time. Why not use this method instead?

3. Tod thrust online roulette

betting Online roulette gambling is a bet that requires a lot of luck with this method. However, there are many people who tend to appreciate this substitution method known as Tod.

For a Thai gambler, he would have seen a movie known as a 100 million baht income podium (Ph. Guan Mun Ho), in which the hero and the heroine went to love in Korea. In the movie there will be a scene where the protagonist and the two heroines

went to gamble at the casino Then they chose to bet down to the number 0 and then were lucky to actually win up to 36 times the prize money when the roulette ball ran down that hole. That’s what is known as the Toad stab. Roulette winning formula

4. If  you want money from online roulette, you need to know how to bet

As many gamblers will already know that placing money , gambling , roulette  is a game that is easy  to play and finishes quickly , unlike games that require thinking , giving time and playing for a long time, such as card games . Blackjack or poker , for  that reason , the money earned will _ _    Come early and be sure that whenever you make a mistake , you will lose money very quickly , just as quickly . For this reason, in each turn, you should place your bets appropriately and play , but only in accordance with the budget that we have . Yes , it is not appropriate to force to continue playing if it is very bad .   

5. Online Roulette If you get money, then you should take a break

Every gambling game in the world has a specific format. to have the opportunity to lose more For this reason If we happen to win a lot of money from a gambling game, roulette, what we should do is to stop and be satisfied with.

A certain amount of profit that we are aiming for. Then prepare the budget to play again next time instead. before returning until there was nothing to carry back home